Here are General Terms and Conditions for orders and deliveries for private and corporate customers as well as the Privacy Policy regarding Gaura Pearls online store. These terms are agreed when visiting the site or when ordering products from the store. All updates and changes to the online store are announced on front page. We aim to process your order within 1-5 business days and deliver the products in Europe within 3-8 business days of placing your order.

Customer service: info @
Open: Mon – Fri: 10:00 – 16:00

1.1 Sales Gaura Pearls welcomes all private and corporate customers to visit our online store. Our sites and store where this policy is found are meant to serve adult customers and companies in Finland and in EU -areas. All product and delivery prices include valid VAT. Corea Oy VAT: FI-3256575-1 Post address: Rekiläntie 80, FI-69100 Kannus Suomi-Finland 1.2 Customer The trade relationship shall be conducted in accordance with the applicable Finnish and EU legislation regarding trade, marketing and advertising. In the transaction between a private customer and Seller, the Finnish and European Union consumer protection legislation is always observed. Unless otherwise specified in these General Terms and Conditions, the commercial agreement between Corporate Customers and Seller shall be governed by the applicable Finnish Commercial Law. 1.3 Online store content and media material All the content, images, text, product information, logos, videos, graphics and textual content displayed on the Web Site are the copyrighted property and intellectual property of Seller and unauthorized use is highly prohibited. All the content use and public sharing must have the written permission of Seller.

Products are ordered on the website by transferring them to the shopping cart and paying for the contents of the shopping cart at the cashier. All customer information will be treated confidentially. All the contact information requested in during the order is not used for other purposes than the delivery of the order or for clarification of any doubt, unless otherwise specifically stated. The Subscriber undertakes to provide the correct information when ordering. By ordering the product and at the same time accepting the delivery terms, the customer declares that he/she has the right to order the product.

2.1 Order Confirmation

All orders will be confirmed by email indicating the price of the order, shipping costs and all the products ordered. In order to receive an order confirmation, you must provide an valid email address when ordering. By ordering, you agree the terms and conditions of each order that you are required to read and commit to when ordering from the online store. Please note that the service provider may reserve the right not to accept the order, for example if the product is not available within a reasonable time. When the product is out of stock, the customer will be notified by email and offered a replacement product. Otherwise the missing product will be refunded to the customer according to the payment method of the order.

2.2 Product price

The price of the product is the price at the time of ordering in the online store. The prices of the products include the valid VAT of Finland when shipping abroad, but not the delivery costs, unless otherwise stated. Prices and shipping are subject to change. In case of mispricing, Seller is obliged to inform the customer who ordered the product immediately.

2.3 Product stock quantities

The product page will be updated with the stock quantity information that is available for the product at the time of ordering. Please note that there may be a delay in updating the product quantities and the products are sold in accordance with the intermediate sales conditions.

2.4 Minimum order  value (Corporate Customers)

The value of products ordered by a corporate customer from the online store must be at least (30) euros.

2.5 Authentication (Corporate Customers)

If necessary, we will place an order into our system for an authorized customer and provide payment information to the customer by email. In this case, personal identification is required to confirm the order (strong customer identification laws).

Up-to-date information on payment methods for private and corporate customers can be found on the “checkout” -page. Seller reserves all the rights to change payment methods. The products and their shipping costs will always be paid when ordering.

3.1 Payment Services

Online store payment services several payment services found updated on the “checkout” page. These payment services are completely secure payment methods for the customer. The payment services will forward your payment to the online store company. Online store acts as a marketer of products and services and as a supplier of products to a customer. Online store takes care of all legal obligations related to the trade as well as other self-defined obligations.

3.2 Recommended payment methods for companies (in Finland area)

The products and their shipping costs will be paid when ordering. Up-to-date information on business customer payment methods can be found on the online store ”checkout” -page. Seller reserves all the rights to change payment methods. Please also read the specific terms and conditions of the finance company that you will see when you accept the payment. By accepting the payment, you agree to the terms and conditions of the finance company.

3.3 Discounts and Coupon discount codes

The Promotional Code you receive is always personal or company-specific and may not be passed on to a third party. The benefits of these codes can be applied to stock product orders during the specified period in the campaign or contract. Promotional codes may be subject to various restrictions, such as validity period or their applicability to particular products or product areas. This benefit is only available on new orders placed using the promotional code and cannot be combined with existing orders or reservations, and will not be refunded afterwards. The code is entered in the ‘coupon code’ section on the ‘shopping cart’ -page during the order.

The terms of the promotional code and the gift card are the same. Codes cannot be combined with other benefits, and any misuse of them is illegal. The gift card is non-refundable and must always be used during the validity period, maximum of 6 months after received.

3.4 Ownership Retention Clause for Products and Services

The ownership of the object of sale is vested in the seller until the purchase price has been paid in full and the debtor has no right to transfer, attach to or otherwise dispose of the property as the owner. This applies to both residential and business customers.

We aim to process your order within 1-5 business days and deliver the products within 3-8 business days of placing your order when all the items are in stock. Delivery times for custom-made products or any special orders will be announced on the web store front page or by email upon receipt of the order. Products are shipped directly from our warehouse or made to order. If the product or part of the product that is to be manufactured and remain temporarily out of stock or there is an error in our stock quantity, we will immediately inform the customer. Estimated delivery times are based on information provided by our logistics partners. Seller or its suppliers are not responsible for any delays or consequential damages caused by unforeseen changes beyond their control. However, we always strive to surprise the customer with quick action. Please note that the delivery time of the shipping company on order depends on the date of delivery and the method of delivery. 4.1 Delivery Methods and Fees Shipping methods and costs for your order are stated in the shopping cart on the shipping and payment method selection page. Shipping and handling costs per order are listed on the cart page when ordering. Please note, that separate orders cannot be combined and shipping costs will be added per each order

  • PRIVATE CUSTOMERS For Private Customers, we deliver by Finnish Post
  • CORPORATE CUSTOMERS For corporate customers, we deliver the by Finnish Post small parcels or express deliveries

4.1.1 Delivery Costs Delivery and handling costs are 9.90€ in Finland and 15€ in EU -countries. Please note if the products are shipped overseas, the Customer is responsible for possible customs, import or other additional charges incurred at the place of delivery outside the EU. Shipping prices outside the EU may vary depending on the country. 4.1.2 Deliveries outside EU Outside EU deliveries we use Post Priority -post service (local: Priority Mail Express International), delivery varies within 6-8 business days of placing your order and can vary depending on the method chosen at checkout. Please note, that international orders are subject to import taxes, customs, duties, and brokerage fees or the delivered order may be held by your customs office until fees are fully paid. In these cases Seller is not responsible for collecting or charging these fees and it is the duty of the customer to be aware of charges that may occur at the time of delivery & pickup for imported goods. In case of the package is refused for this reason a refund will not be issued until and if the package is returned to Seller back to Finland. In these cases we charge a handling fee of 50€ (euros) and all costs incurred for the customs clearance. 4.2 Delays Sellers customer service will contact the customer by email in case of a significant delay in the delivery of the product and reserves the right to ship the same order separately and also reserve the right to change delivery times if necessary. In case of any questions regarding delivery times, please contact our customer service by email.

Seller is not responsible for any delays in the shipment caused by invalid addresses, carrier delays, or custom duties/ taxes. If a delay does occur please contact your local post office or the carrier it was shipped with to find out more information. Delays may occur during campaign’s and Holiday season.

4.3 Unredeemed Package Failure to redeem is not the same as a refund or cancellation. A fee of 50€ will be charged for non-redeemed packages not subject to individual cancellation notice. 4.4 Problem situations If the product is lost during shipment, damaged or a wrong product has been delivered to you, please always immediately notify our customer service in writing by email. If the package is damaged during shipment, you must immediately inform and claim the logistics partner when receiving and accepting the delivery. The logistics partner is responsible for any loss, reduction or damage of the goods between the time of acceptance and delivery in accordance with general road transport agreements 4.5 Force-major Seller shall not be liable for any delay or damage resulting from an obstacle beyond its control which it could not reasonably have foreseen or whose consequences it could not avoid. Such force major is considered to be e.g. fires, industrial action, wars, natural disasters, government interventions, disruptions in transportation, subcontractors, equipment, software, browser or network connection. Seller shall not be liable for any consequences of disruption of the online store system due to possible maintenance, technical failures, communication problems or other similar reasons.

Despite the good service not always everything goes as it should. Our customer service will help you with your inquiries, so please contact us right away – no questions asked! Don’t worry, we are prepared for these unfortunate situations and will do our best to resolve this as quickly as possible! In case of any order question, product information, complaint or return matters, we kindly ask you first to contact our customer service by email. In the EU you have the right to return purchases made online or made by mail within 14 days for a full product refund. The exchange and return policy applies only to unused and a sellable-condition product in the original packaging. The returned product must include all delivered parts in its own package. 5.1 Returnable Product The product must be returned in accordance with EU legislation and the purpose of the legislation is to give the consumer the right of access to the product at home rather than in the store. Customers can read the contents of the package and adjust the product carefully. The product must be completely scratch-proof, without any defects and unissued and unworn. Product opening should be done with caution. An order return must be made using return note to our customer service by email. The product must be returned to the seller at the return address below immediately after the return notice, unused in its original condition and in its original packaging, together with a certificate of product authenticity, product label and merchandises. The customer is responsible for the return costs, the sufficient packaging of the product for delivery, and any damage incurred during the return shipping. Attach a copy of the return notification to your product return. If the product has been used or the product is not in a sellable condition due to a customer’s reason, we reserve the right to charge for imparment. Customer should always save the tracking code information issued by the logistics company to trace the shipment in the event of loss. Please note that the right of return does not apply to custom-made, engraved, or any modified products, or any sealed goods whose seal has been broken. We do not receive returns more than 14 days after receipt of the delivery or collect returned un-paid deliveries. 5.2 Return note An order return must be made by notifying us in writing of the return. We kindly ask for information on the possible return of the product after receiving the products. You may have been specifically requested to waive your right of return before the transaction. The return notification should be sent by email with a clear “Return Note” to In the return notification email please include:

  • order number
  • order date and receipt date
  • your name
  • your address
  • your phone number
  • your bank account details
  • possible reason for your refund and explanation

5.3 Defective Product In case  the product you received is defective or damaged during the shipment, please report us the defective product by email to our customer service immediately using following the instructions below. We primarily try to replace the defective product with a new one. However, if this is not possible, we will refund the amount paid to the subscriber. When reporting the defective product, take an accurate picture of the product and include a description of what happened in the same report email. The defective product should be carefully packed and shipped to the return address below. The refund will be made once the product has been returned to Seller and the defect has been verified. Notification of a defective product should be sent by email with a clearly marked “Defective Product” to In the defective product email you should include:

  • order number
  • order date and receipt date
  • your name
  • your address
  • your phone number
  • your bank account details
  • a picture and a statement of happened

5.4 Return Costs Please note that all replacement and return shipping costs are borne by the subscriber. Please note that according to EU customer laws the right to return does not apply to all custom-made, carved, any modified products. Gift vouchers, un-sealed-products, or hygiene products such as earrings and piercings, hair products and cosmetics are not eligible for a refund. We don´t accept returns for more than 14 days after receipt of the delivery, or will not accept unpaid refunds sent by cash on delivery, or refunds that have not been approved-to-be-returned in advance. 5.5 Refunds Once the return is approved, we will refund the amount paid for the products in accordance with the payment method. Shipping costs are non-refundable. If the payment method has been invoice – all the invoicing will be canceled. We strive to process the refund promptly, within 30 business days of receipt of the product and inspection by Seller.

For all warranty and liability matters, please to contact our customer service by email. Seller products are warranted for manufacturing defects. However, the warranty does not cover wear and tear caused by normal use. The warranty does not cover misuse or defects that can be attributed to neglect or negligent handling of the products. Instructions for the care and storage of the jewelry are provided with the Seller Jewelry Certificate of Authenticity. Seller is not liable for any direct or consequential damages arising out of wilful misconduct or any negligence of the Product. Lawyers’ fees are not reimbursed because the Consumer Advice is provided free to assist in resolving any dispute. These terms and conditions have been prepared in accordance with European and Finnish law and in accordance with good business practices. Any disputes will be resolved in the Pirkanmaa District Court in Finland.


An adult should monitor and control with his or her constant presence young child when wearing the jewelry. The jewelry must never be left along a child without adult supervision. Always remember to give instructions to the jewelry recipient. 6.1 Jewelry Materials The jewelry is made from natural and handmade materials, genuine beads, leather, precious metals. Natural materials often exhibit external surface shapes, shades of colors, size differences, or shape differences. The handmade final product with natural materials may differ from the product page image in the above aspects. The dimensions, length and thickness of the product, the locking elements of the product, the actual shape of the product or the number of beads used may vary, or may differ from the image as the model series develops. 6.2. Allergies Seller always recommends a person who has been sensitized or suspected of sensitizing to various alloys to be careful when testing the use of the jewelry. In case of a possible allergy, the jewelry wear should be discontinued immediately and, if necessary, see doctor. Seller shall not be liable for any direct or consequential damages in connection with allegations of the product. The jewelry uses allergy-tested jewelry metals and precious metals, these are marked on the product, and the material on the product is also mentioned on the product page. Silver jewelry uses rhodium (Rh) plating, which in many cases helps prevent the precious metal from being allergic. Before ordering, the customer must be familiar with the material information provided on the materials. We ask that you contact our customer service in advance for any questions regarding allergies. 6.3 Designated Service point Warranty repairs are always made in accordance with the seller’s warranty terms. The customer should always deal warranty issues primarily with Seller, through their dealership or their local reseller, requiring of course that the reseller has the Seller brand in their product range. Seller may direct the customer to contact their authorized service point if this can be considered to be beneficial in the situation. The cost of an unnecessary service visit or delivery will be borne in full by the purchaser. Seller shall not be liable for any damages resulting from the subscribers actions. Unnecessary service costs include any service company costs and the logistical costs of shipping.

This online store follows the privacy statement of Seller. Sellery’s online store customer information is stored only in the e-store owner’s customer register. Customer registry data is used to maintain and manage customer relationships. The online store owner has the right to process the information contained in the register for legitimate purposes, such as direct marketing, and the information will not be passed on to any third party. If you wish, you may opt out of the use of your information for marketing purposes by contacting our customer service at info @ If necessary, we will delete customer information at the customer’s request. 7.1 The Registrar Corea Oy | VAT-3256575-1 Rekiläntie 80, | FI-69100 Kannus , Finland Customer Service: info @ 7.2. Data protection officer Mari Huuki, CEO ( 7.3 Name of the registry Customer register of Corea Oy 7.4. Criteria for keeping the register, sources of information and purpose The person has ordered products from the online store and provided the information provided. The register applies to customer authentication and access management, user order placement, and customer relationship maintenance and development. We also store and process customer information for our records.. 7.5 What Information Can Be Collected and What Information Can be Used for The purpose of the register is to maintain a online store customer register and to archive and process customer orders. The register is also used to track lost shipments. The information can be used for business development and statistical purposes of the online store owner. Personal data will be processed within the limits set by the Personal Data laws. The data in the register may be used in the proprietary registers of the online store company to target advertising without disclosing personal information to third parties. If necessary, the online store company can use affiliates to maintain customer and service relationships. Some of the registry information may be transferred to the online store company partner’s servers due to technical requirements. The information is processed solely for the purpose of maintaining the customer relationship of the online store company through technical interfaces. 7.6 Information contained in the register The personal register of the Seller contains the following information:

  • First and last name
  • Shipping address
  • E-mail address
  • Telephone number
  • Information provided by the person in the “shopping cart” and “checkout” sections of the order
  • Any tracking information related to orders

7.7 Disclosure of Information Information will not be disclosed outside the online store business. Personal data will not be transferred outside the European Union unless this is necessary to ensure its technical implementation. The personal data of a registered customer will be destroyed at the customer’s request. 7.8 Retention Period Personal information is retained for as long as it is required for the purpose of implementing a contract with the customer, developing customer service, or as required by law. Please note that Finnish Accounting Law requires companies to keep accounting records for at least six (6) years after the end of the financial year. 7.9 Customer Rights You have the right to access your personal information and to receive a copy of your personal information; Requests the correction or deletion of personal data from our system; Under certain conditions request a processing restriction or object to the processing of personal data. Requests for customer rights must be made by email to our customer service address. 7.10 Online store Uses Cookies Seller’s store uses cookies. This feedback enables the online store to continually improve the content of the pages. Please note that some cookies are required for the use of the site for example shopping cart functions and customer identification do not work without cookies. Browser cookies are always easy to delete. 7.11 Security, Storage and Handling of the Registry The register or its data will not be disclosed to third parties. Only those persons employed by the controller who need the information in the course of their duties shall have access to the information. Access to the registry requires user rights and passwords for the e-commerce backend system. The register is stored on a password protected web server. 7.12 Updating Registry Terms We are constantly updating our Privacy Terms as our business evolves and changes in law, so we hope you visit this page from time to time. This policy date is found at the beginning of this leaflet under section “8. Updating our Terms and Policies”. © Seller.

Please check our site periodically for updates – from time to time we may change our terms and conditions as well as our privacy policies. Always read the applicable delivery terms before placing your order. Seller has the right to update these terms and conditions without notice. The changed terms will take effect immediately upon making the change. We reserve the right to change our delivery terms, delivery prices, product prices, delivery times, or general online store policies, or to reject an order if necessary. The general terms and conditions of the Online Store and the Privacy Statement are valid from 2022 February 8th.

1. When does my delivery arrive? You will receive an order confirmation by email once your order has been completed and delivered to a logistics company – so you know your product is on the way! You may request a tracking ID by replying to our order confirmation. Delivery to your home address usually takes about 2-3 business days in Finland, around 6-7 business days in Europe. 2. Can I have any footage or ready-made posts for my blog? We’ll give you a refreshing look at upgrades and access media directly from the product page or our new LOOKBOOK pages. We also provide content and photos for updates. Read more about the collaboration: Blogger, Influencer, Jewelry Store. 3. I would like to change the ordered product size? The order can be returned and the products have a return period of 14 days when sold. Please contact us at any questions about returns. Please note that the return order does not apply to a custom-ordered product. For more information, see: ONLINE SHOP TERMS AND CONDITIONS. 4. Can I pay for an order with a longer payment period? You can pay by Klarna or Collector invoice your purchases and you even have the flexibility to choose between 14days – 24month payment invoice for your order. The invoice methods and terms provided by Klarna or Collector varies by Eu Countries. 5. Can I order shop supplies by email? You can still order by phone or email. In this case, we will place the order directly for you on the network system and the billing will be done with Klarna invoice in Finland and EU-areas. Please note that for security purposes, for orders over € 2000 we require identification from the subscriber when ordering on behalf of the customer. We can also share a cart with the items in a ready-made basket for you and get your shopping completed. You will need a company-specific order “coupon” for your online store order. Please contact us for more.

The environment is important to us – now and in the future! Contrary to instant fashion or one-night stuff, we create jewelry that is timeless and durable. We want our jewelry to go with you on the long run. The most important values ​​of our activities are quality, ecology, traditions of hand-crafts, unlimited and unique design, such as natural and genuine, classic beauty. By ordering our products you are employing and supporting several small businesses in Finland – thank you. 10.1 Jewelery Our jewelry is handmade from selected ecological and durable natural materials: genuine silver, steel, leather, cultured pearls from their natural stones. Our jewelery uses different materials and creates different moods for different dresses. You can see the grooves, differences in shapes or color shades in the materials, which makes your jewelry a unique handmade piece of modern design. 10.2 Environmentally friendly transport We support utility sports and we as often as possible operate from warehouse footwear, or public transport to logistics points. We also require our partners to be committed to environmental issues, and we take care that your order is delivered by a climate-friendly operator. 10.3 Reuse and Recycling Materials Over the past few years, we have invested more and more in packaging materials and have reduced our purchasing of plastic materials and our supplies. In store deliveries, we successfully reuse packaging materials and logistics packages. The reuse of recycled materials is important to us in our daily operations – and will continue to do so. We make the change from the small with choices and actions!