Katja Malinen Ville Malinen Malin Design Oy


Malin Design Oy is a Finnish, Tampere-based company founded by Katja and Ville Malinen. At Malin Design, we design and coordinate the making of modern, Scandinavian, elegant jewelry.

Timeless and unique
We wanted to create something incomparable and enduring, so we fashioned a youthful Scandinavian line of designer jewelry. Through our own handiwork, it symbolizes in an unforgettable manner the important moments in life, without compromising on quality. For us, the importance lies in the long-lasting and unique relation of the jewelry and its bearer. On the basis of these ideas, the MALIN line of jewelry was born.

High-quality and minimalistic
Our vision is to create, in Scandinavian fashion, timelessly beautiful, durable jewelry. Consequently, authentic jewelry materials and simplicity are the cornerstones of our design, perfectly highlighting the idea of MALIN jewelry.
In our designs, we are constantly looking abroad for inspiration. Each new product breathes fresh air into our selection, but the classics always have a place in our collection!

For the love of jewelry
With time we have formed our own, youthful MALIN team that consists of both Finnish and European jewelry designers and makers. Your piece of jewelry is therefore the end result of skillful design, elaborate handiwork and a detailed finish.

When it comes to the making of jewelry, values important to us are responsibility and considering environmental factors. All of us professionals at the MALIN team do our work with love, just for You.

-Ville & Katja-