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Finnish design in Scandinavian style

We are a Finnish family company MD based in Tampere that designs and manufactures youthful and Scandinavian design jewelery. We, Katja and Ville Malinen, have founded the company and go round all the operation from Tampere.

Our ever-expanding jewelry collection includes earrings, bracelets, children’s jewelry, pearl necklaces, rings, christening gifts and necklaces. We originally specialized in lovely Gaura Pearls, after which our selection has included silver and gold jewelry, gift jewelry and, most recently, Malin Design men’s jewelry. Each of our jewelery tells its own story with small unique details – we also make a pearl or silver jewelery according to your wishes. Handmade product, naturalness and traditions combined with youthful and modern style, are found in our jewelry.

From love to jewelry with the whole team

Today, our MD team, which forms our jewelry production chain, consists of numerous small and responsible family businesses in both Finland and Europe. The companies include both designers and manufacturers, from whom we require a high level of professionalism and a youthful vision to make the jewelry of the future possible. The members of our team are also united by responsibility and the importance of taking the environment into account. Behind our jewelery manufacturing is therefore a rich group of jewelery manufacturers who live and breathe from jewelery making in accordance with ethical and responsible operating principles.

Nice that especially you have found us, our company and our renewed online store. Welcome to visit us.

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Katja and Ville Malinen


The jewelry is made of selected ecological and durable natural materials: high-quality allergy-tested 14-18K gold, 925 silver, steel, leather, cultured pearls and natural stones. This is how we create jewelry that lasts. We want to ensure that every jewelry is a long-term and ecological investment.

Our jewelry uses different materials and we have created enchanting atmospheres by using nuanced shades. You can see grooves, shape differences or color shades in the materials, making your jewelry a unique handmade piece of modern design.

During manufacturing, the jewelry sometimes travels long distances around the world. We pay a lot of attention to ensure ecological, safe and high-quality transportation. In addition, we always make sure that your order is delivered to your door by a climate-friendly operator.

We are committed to developing our warehousing and delivery materials in accordance with the principles of sustainable development. We are also constantly striving to reduce the carbon footprint of all our operations. We are involved in changing the world and ecological thinking, and we also demand these values ​​from our partners.

Link to: Kaulakoru HEILOU
Link to: Kaulakoru HEILOU


What is behind the modern jewelry design? Above all, Malin Design team is inspired by materials and timelessness. All our pearl jewelry models are manufactured in small and limited batches, so the uniqueness of our products is always guaranteed. The most important of our jewelry are time-resistant design, high-quality materials and longevity. In jewelry design, it is also important that our jewelry and our collection are harmoniously connected to each other.

Our vision is build timelessly beautiful and long-lasting jewelry in the Scandinavian spirit. The cornerstones of our design work are simple jewelry materials as well as a simple design that illustrates the idea of ​​design jewelry perfectly. We are looking for inspiration for our jewelery from all over the world, continuing to highlight the position of pearl jewelery as a classic and valuable heritage. Whether you want to redesign your casual wear or find a new embellishment for a memorable occasion, we have designed the stylish piece of jewelry you want that fits.


The most important values of our company are quality, handcraft traditions, Finnish enthusiasm, boundless and unique design and natural and authentic classic beauty.

Our jewelry must have something new and special to offer its wearer. Each piece is brilliantly beautiful and unique – just like the owner.

Link to: Kaulakoru HEILOU