Anni Uppala Blogger

INFLUENCER! Are you the partner we are looking for?

Are you an influencer who loves beautiful Scandinavian designer jewelry? Do you feel the attraction of quality design and real pearls? We are looking for active influencers to be our partners – whether you are a blogger, social media personality or youtuber, it doesn’t matter. Be among the first to get to know our new jewelry, choose a piece that is to your liking and tell the world how the jewelry meshes with your everyday life. We want YOU with us on our journey towards world conquest! Also keep an eye on social media, especially our channels, and your email. Whenever we have something new around the corner, you will be among the first to know. Show the world your MALIN jewelry and let your piece tell its sparkling story. Share your MALIN jewelry moment on social media with the hashtag #malindesign. We look forward to hearing from you!